Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Doing some (over)thinking

So those of you who stop by every once in a while have no doubt noticed my lack of posting and perhaps assumed that I've given up blogging. And, in the sense that I haven't, you know, blogged, you'd be right. However, I don't intend this to be a permanent state of affairs. Rather, I'm trying to think of a way to make this blog more useful than it is in its current format.

 When I started, my intention was to focus on longer term trends that would define the future we're all going to live in. However, the craziness of our world in the last few years, especially politically, has made it hard to confidently predict what is coming even a week from now, never mind what may occur in 2200, as I once tried to do. So I made the blog more personal, even changing the name from Sketches of Tomorrow to Mister Overthinker. But I really don't think that personal blogs can sustainably be much more than exhibitionist journal-keeping, and I couldn't care less about that, so my interest rapidly faded.

 So I've been taking a breather, thinking about topics and themes that I'd want to explore. Here is my partial list:

1) Healthcare
2) Communications and Marketing
3) Cultural Trends
4) The (Potential) Collapse of Western Civilization
5) Technological Development
6) Whiskey

 There is some interplay of those topics that would make a blog that I would want to read. Just have to figure out what it is. And when I do, I'll be back at it.

 Thanks for reading,


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